Ecovacs’ new cleaning station pairs its flagship robovac with a handheld vacuum

Ecovacs is launching a new all-in-one Deebot X2 Combo cleaning station that combines its signature square-shaped robovac with a handheld vacuum to touch up spots it can’t reach. Both vacuums attach to a single auto-empty station, so you won’t have to empty out either device yourself.

First announced last year, the included Deebot X2 Omni robovac offers a powerful 8,000Pa of suction and 15mm mop lifting. It also comes with dual-laser lidar technology and AI obstacle avoidance that allows it to create a new path when it encounters an object in its way. Meanwhile, the X2’s station automatically empties the dust and dirt collected by the bot. It’s also capable of draining and drying the robovac’s built-in mop and refilling its water tank.

Even though the robovac’s slim, square design is supposed to make it easier to squeeze into corners and under furniture, the device still can’t reach everything around your house. That’s why Ecovacs added a cordless handheld vacuum to the cleaning station, which comes with crevice, multisurface, and upholstery attachments. It’s not just a tiny handheld vacuum either — you can extend it to reach curtains or the ceiling. Just like the X2, the handheld vacuum slots into the station for automatic charging and emptying.

With a price of $1,599, the Deebot X2 Combo is a little more expensive than the $1,499 price for the X2 Omni robovac and station alone, but it might be worth it if you need an extra tool to clean your stairs or couch. Ecovacs plans on releasing the combo toward the end of the first quarter of 2024.

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