How to Complete Ballora Gallery in Help Wanted 2

Just as one might expect from a virtual reality Five Nights at Freddy’s game, there are plenty of terrifying mini-games for players to sink their teeth into in Five Nights at Freddy’s Help Wanted 2. Ballora Gallery is a great example of this and also serves as one of the title’s most challenging mini-games due to some of the tight timings and unexplained mechanics that are involved.


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On the surface, completing the Ballora Gallery mini-game may seem fairly straightforward, with players simply having to crawl from one side of a large room to another in six minutes or under without getting caught by the titular animatronic. However, thanks to the Minireenas that accompany Ballora, a lot of players have trouble surviving this particular Help Wanted 2 mini-game and unlocking the Tiny Dancer Trophy.


The aim of Ballora Gallery is to crawl from one side of the gallery to the other using the left and right controllers in tandem. Holding down the trigger will allow players to pull themselves forward, though this is only one small part of the challenge. As they make their way across the room, Ballora will occasionally appear and survey the area directly in front of the player, during which time they’ll need to remain perfectly still in order to avoid getting caught. There are also six Minireenas that gradually move toward the player, alerting Ballora to their presence if they get too close.


Although it may seem tempting to move as quickly as possible, the best strategy for completing Ballora Gallery in Help Wanted 2 is to go slowly, freezing whenever Ballora springs into life and remaining motionless until her melody ends. Some players find it easier to take a few steps backward when Ballora first starts moving, as she typically patrols the area just in front of where the player is when the audio cue kicks in. However, providing players weren’t moving forward too quickly and stop as soon as they hear Ballora coming, they should be fine without these backward steps.

At three points during the mini-game, players will be confronted by two Minireenas which will slowly move toward the player. When this happens, players should grab the one closest to them and throw it as far as they can to distract Ballora. While she heads off to investigate, they can grab the other one and throw it in the opposite direction. They’ll need to be quick about it, though, as if players hold onto the Minireenas for too long they will lead the terrifying animatronic straight to them. For this reason, players may want to take a few steps back whenever they encounter Minireenas and deal with them after Ballora has gone. Either way, throwing a Minireena will unlock the Tiny Dancer Trophy.


After players have made it past the final set of Minireenas, they’ll find themselves closing in on the exit. At this point, they’ll need to pay attention to the lighting around them, as being too close to the door when Ballora passes by will lead to them getting caught. As such, this is the only part of Ballora Gallery where it pays to go quickly. Ballora usually shows up just before players reach the area that’s illuminated by the light above the door, so after pausing to let her pass by and waiting for her melody to finish, players should punch it and get to the door as quickly as possible before she comes back.


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December 14, 2023

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