How to Free Lae’zel From Her Cage

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the game that fans of deep CRPGS and tabletop games have been waiting for. The dense world and sheer number of choices that heavily affect the story should keep you returning for more. Because the game is heavily based on Dungeons & Dragons, you should expect things to work differently than in a typical RPG. Choices have permanent consequences and the game continues even if important characters are killed. There is also more in-depth interactivity with the environment.



After you escape the Mindflayer ship in the opening sequence, your character finds themselves stranded on a beach. You will quickly find Shadowheart nearby, but Lae’zel is nowhere to be found. Follow this guide to find the Githyanki warrior, and free her from captivity in Baldur’s Gate 3.


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Find Lae’zel


This opening portion of the game sees you assembling a party of other Mindflayer survivors in the area surrounding the beach. Heading north will lead to a dead end at a locked door beneath the chapel. Instead, head west through the destroyed Mindflayer ship. There will be a few enemies to fight, then you will meet Astarion at a bend in the road. It’s up to you to accept the strange Elf Rogue into your party.

Cut back across to the east through the other section of the ship and deal with the injured Mindflayer. Interact with the malfunctioning fast travel point to potentially recruit the Wizard Gale. Head directly north from the Cliffside Ruins waypoint to find Lae’zel.

Deal With the Tieflings


A pair of Tieflings captured Lae’zel while she was unconscious and placed her in a cage. They are debating what to do with her when the party arrives. There are multiple ways to handle this situation.


You can simply attack the Tieflings to get rid of them, although they are not necessarily evil. The Persuasion skill check only requires a roll of five and convinces them to let her down. You can then decide to fight with them to kill Lae’zel or side with her to fight the Tiefling duo. The Deception skill check requires a roll of 10 and will convince them to abandon the cage, so they can head back to their camp. Lae’zel will then demand to be freed.

How to Free Lae’zel

If you successfully fought off the Tieflings without Lae’zels help or convinced them to leave yourself, you must free her on your own. There is a short bow on the ground near the cage if you have no way to use a ranged attack. Pick it up or use Astarion to shoot at the weakened base of the cage. You may have to climb the nearby ledge to aim at it. Fire a few arrows and it will break. You can then decide whether you want Lae’zel in your party.


Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate

August 3, 2023

M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Violence

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