How to use disappearing messages feature in Google Messages

Need to share sensitive information or keep your chats private? Learn how to use the disappearing message feature in Google Messages to make your conversations disappear automatically after a set time.
Activate RCS chat
* Open Google Messages.
* Tap the three dots in the top right corner.
* Go to Settings > Chat features.
* Enable Chat features.
Initiate a conversation
* Start a new conversation or open an existing one.
Engage vanishing mode
* Tap the plus sign (+) next to the text field.
* Select Turn on disappearing messages.
* Choose a duration: 1 hour, 24 hours, or 7 days.
Compose and send
* Type your message as usual.
* Tap the Send button.
Witness the disappearance
* Your message will vanish from both your device and the recipient’s device after the selected duration.
* A timer icon will appear next to messages set to disappear.
Important things to keep in mind
* Both you and the recipient need RCS chat enabled to use disappearing messages.
* Recipients can still take screenshots or copy the message before it disappears.
* Disappearing messages won’t prevent sharing of content outside of the conversation.
* If someone leaves the conversation, messages they sent won’t disappear from your device.
* If you can’t see the disappearing message option, check if your device and carrier support RCS chat.
* Updates to Google Messages may change the specific steps slightly.

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