How to use Telescope glitch in GTA Online in 2024

GTA Online has plenty of clothes for players to customize their characters, but there are certain restrictions. Some types of clothing are incompatible with each other, and as such, players can’t use them together. However, with the use of a harmless and simple glitch, some items, like masks and glasses, for instance, can be merged together. This can then be saved as an outfit and used forever.

Veteran Grand Theft Auto Online players are well aware of this glitch, as it’s been in the game forever. Unlike some other glitches involving cars and money, this one’s not likely to go away anytime soon, as it doesn’t affect microtransactions in any way. So here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to perform the Telescope glitch in 2024.

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GTA Online Telescope glitch step-by-step guide for 2024


Before starting with the glitch, GTA Online players need to buy all the clothing items they want in a single outfit. This article will assume that players want a ski mask with a combat helmet and a pair of goggles, but of course, the glitch works with any other items in the head, glasses, and mask categories.

Players should note that exploiting this glitch doesn’t lead to any bans whatsoever, as it’s a harmless visual glitch. This is in stark contrast to the various money or car duplication glitches that Rockstar unintentionally adds to the game.

There are several GTA Online solo glitches that still work in 2024. With that in mind, here’s what should be done to get this one working:

  • Once the required items (mask, glasses, and helmet) have been bought, keep the helmet and the mask equipped, but not the glasses, as you can only have a mask or a glass equipped simultaneously.
  • Then, go to a location with a telescope. This can be one of the telescopes in your Apartments or Agency, or it could be one of the public binocular telescopes found all across the map.
  • The public telescopes usually have more room for doing the glitch, but you must have $1 on your person to use them.
  • Run towards the telescope and start spamming the Interact button (E on PC, Right on D-pad for consoles).
  • If you do it right, your player character will stop and turn around to use the telescope, but the animation will stop midway.
  • If you actually ended up viewing through the telescope, it means that the glitch didn’t happen properly. Spamming the Interact button repeatedly prevents this issue from happening.
  • Once the animation stops, open your Interaction Menu (M on PC, Hold View button on Xbox, Hold TouchPad on PlayStation). Then go to Appearances > Accessories > Glasses, and choose the glasses you want.
  • This will remove the mask you had equipped, but it’s only temporary. Once the glasses are selected, move away from the telescope, and the mask will also appear along with the glasses.
  • Finally, go save this outfit in a wardrobe or clothing store.

The outfit will be permanently saved with the glasses and mask merged together.


Players often use this trick to make military-themed or police outfits in GTA Online. As of writing this article, this glitch has been confirmed to work in GTA Online on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. It should be noted that the telescoping glitch might not work with some particular items of clothing, such as scarves, because those are only allowed with some specific tops or bottoms.

In other news, since Rockstar released the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, fans have been speculating about trailer 2 for GTA 6 and what it could reveal about the game.

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