Meet Swapery, the world’s first auto-swappable battery system for smartphones

A revolutionary concept

Imagine never having to plug in your smartphone again or wait hours for it to charge. Imagine having a full battery in just seconds, anytime, anywhere. That’s the vision of Swapery, a pioneer in portable device charging solutions, that has unveiled the world’s first fully auto-swappable battery system for smartphones at CES 2024.

Swapery’s consumer device eliminates the hassle of traditional charging and offers users a faster, easier, and more convenient way to keep their smartphones powered up. Swapery consists of two parts: the swapping station and its pre-charged batteries. The station automatically swaps the drained battery once the device is docked, giving the user 8–10 hours of battery life in just 7 seconds. Each station hosts four batteries that continuously charge internally, giving users access to full battery power at any time of the day.

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