Samsung’s big AI push is starting with Link to Windows


  • Microsoft Copilot integration in Link to Windows will allow AI to summarize messages and create template responses.
  • Phone Link will allow Samsung Galaxy phones to be used as webcams, with features like background blur and auto framing.
  • These exclusive features are currently limited to the Samsung Galaxy Book 4 series but may expand to other devices and PCs in the future.

Phone Link and Link to Windows are must-have apps if you own and use an Android phone with a Windows PC. The Microsoft app can mirror your phone’s functionality on your PC, like sending and receiving texts, making or receiving phone calls, mirroring your phone’s notifications, etc. On the best Samsung phones, you also get exclusive access to features like app mirroring, instant hotspot, and cross-device copy and paste. Samsung and Microsoft are now bringing Microsoft Copilot integration to Link to Windows to let AI summarize your messages. But unless you are deep into Samsung’s ecosystem, you might not be able to enjoy the new feature.

Microsoft Copilot can go through messages on your Samsung phone and summarize them. Even better, it can create template responses based on the messages that you can send directly from your Windows PC.

Samsung highlights how the AI integration will enable Copilot to track restaurant recommendations made by your friends in a conversation, search for its reviews online, and then text back confirming the dinner plans — all from your PC without touching your phone. Samsung teases that it will further integrate Microsoft Copilot into more of its apps to boost your productivity further.

The new AI-powered feature in Link to Windows is only coming to the Samsung Galaxy Book 4 series, which debuted in December 2023, and Samsung phones running One UI.

Taking inspiration from the ability to use your Pixel phone as a webcam in Android 14, Samsung and Microsoft are adding similar functionality to Phone Link. This will allow you to use your Galaxy phone’s camera as a webcam while on video calls. You can also switch between the front and rear cameras and use visual effects like background blur and auto framing. The latter ensures you remain in the center of the frame even when moving around. Microsoft was spotted working on this feature back in November 2023.

The Microsoft Copilot integration and the ability to use your Galaxy phone as a webcam are coming to all Samsung phones running One UI 1.0 or newer. While not mentioned, the feature will presumably work wirelessly, giving Samsung and Microsoft an edge over Google’s implementation.

Like AI-powered message summaries, this feature is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy Book 4 laptops for now. You must also log in with the same Microsoft account across your PC and Galaxy phone. However, it should only be a matter of time before Microsoft expands these new additions in Phone Link to other Windows PCs and non-Samsung devices. With ColorOS 14 and OxygenOS 14, Microsoft expanded Phone Link’s app mirroring support to OnePlus and Oppo phones.

Samsung and Microsoft also promise more exclusive Phone Link features for the Galaxy Book 4 series. The two companies could announce new AI-powered features at Samsung’s Unpacked event on January 17.

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