The best AR glasses of CES 2024 (so far)

The future of AR glasses is coming into focus at CES 2024. No longer are they just a glorified discrete screen for your eyes — the parallel paths of VR headset and AR glasses development are finally starting to merge, which is sure to make the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 sweat.

While AI has been the big buzzword of the show (at the time of writing, it has been mentioned 236 times by companies presenting and exhibiting), this is easily the second biggest revolution coming to consumer tech. And three sets of specs have defined what can be possible now and looking into the future. Here are the best AR glasses of CES 2024.

1. Xreal Air 2 Ultra

Xreal Air 2 Ultra

(Image credit: Future)

Do I really need to introduce these? After snapping up 51% of total market share in AR glasses, Xreal has asserted its dominance by looking for a fight with Apple. While there are some evolutions in this category from other companies, the Air 2 Ultra have set the gold standard by really starting to blur that line between AR specs and VR headsets — thanks to those dual 3D cameras up front.

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