WhatsApp introduces custom sticker maker for iOS users, here is how to use

Meta has been actively working on several updates for its instant messaging app, WhatsApp. In a recent release, the company introduced a new custom sticker maker for WhatsApp users. This new feature allows users to create, edit, and share personalised stickers directly within the app, eliminating the need to exit the application. Although the feature has been in development for some time, it is currently available for iOS users and is expected to be released for Android users soon.

With the new Sticker Maker, WhatsApp aims to add a playful element to conversations on the platform. The Sticker Maker feature allows iPhone users to create personalised WhatsApp stickers without the need to drag-and-drop from the image gallery or resort to using unofficial third-party apps. Instead, WhatsApp has added an auto-crop function and a set of editing tools that include text, drawing, and the capability to overlay other stickers. After sending, the sticker is automatically stored in the sticker tray, allowing users to resend it whenever they desire.

To create your own personalised sticker on WatsApp, follow these straps:

How to use WhatsApp’s Sticker Maker in iPhone

  • Open your sticker tray by tapping the sticker icon next to the text box.
  • Choose ‘create sticker’ and pick an image from your gallery.
  • Customise your sticker by selecting a cutout and adding text, other stickers, or drawings.
  • Hit send!

Meanwhile, users can also edit their existing sticker. To do so follow these steps:

  • Open your sticker tray by tapping the sticker icon.
  • Long press the sticker you want to edit and select ‘edit sticker.’
  • Customise the sticker by adding text, other stickers, or drawings.
  • Send the edited sticker!

Notably, WhatsApp Sticker Maker is currently only available for WhatsApp Web and rolling out on iOS 17+. Users with older iOS versions can edit existing stickers but won’t be able to create new ones.

Interestingly, WhatsApp is also planning to add more updates to enhance its Sticker Maker, including the highly anticipated AI sticker generator. This new AI feature was unveiled by Meta on September 27, 2023, during the Meta Connect event.

According to Meta, the AI sticker generator on WhatsApp allows users to create personalised stickers simply by typing text. The AI interprets the text’s meaning and mood to produce a corresponding sticker. Once created, these AI-generated stickers are automatically added to your sticker tray, ready to be shared with contacts at any time.

Although the feature is not yet released, it will soon be available to users. Here’s how you can use it once it’s live:

  • Open a chat or story on WhatsApp.
  • Tap the sticker icon (on Android, it’s an emoji with a flower; on iOS, it’s a sticker icon).
  • Select the “Create” option (indicated by a plus sign on Android, a pencil on iOS).
  • Tap the “AI” button, represented by a robot head.
  • Enter a detailed and imaginative description of your desired sticker, such as “a dancing cat wearing a party hat” or “a surprised emoji with sunglasses.”
  • The AI will present you with several sticker options based on your input.
  • Pick your favourite and share it with your contacts.

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Divya Bhati

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Jan 12, 2024

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